Practice Test

1) Question:
Are processed foods widely used in the world?
(I) The number of companies preparing processed foods has trebled in five years.
(II) The sale of processed food has increased.

2) Question:
Who received the Nobel World Peace Prize?
(I) The Prize was awarded to an Asian.
(II) The Prize is awarded for significant contribution to peace.

3) Question :
Will the increase in female literacy rate lead to country's development?
Statements :
(I) The number of women's college has increased in the last decade.
(II) There is a positive relationship between literacy and development in a country.

4) Question :
Should we use fluoride tooth paste?
Statements :
(I) Continuous use of fluoride toothpaste causes tooth decay.
(II) Most of the tooth pastes available in the market are with fluoride.

5) Question :
Does the craze for Pop music epotimise an escapist trend?
Statements :
(I) Usha Uttathup is the best pop singer in India.
(II) The present age is full of tension when people listen to music to escape from the realities of life.

6) Question :
Are Indian bureaucrats least efficient in the world?
(I) The performance of the bureaucrats has degenerated over the years.
(II) Indian civil servants are considered the best in the world.

7) Question :
Who is a better artist - Abid or Hussain ?
Statements :
(I) Abid hads more Art Exhibition.
(II) The number of paintings sold by Hussain is more.

8) Question :
What is the colour of curtain on the stage ?
Statements :
(I) The curtains have the same colour as the walls of the hall.
(II) The colour of the curtain is quite appealing.

9) Question :
Does television viewing affect the performance of the students ?
Statements :
(I) The number of failures in class XII is more this year.
(II) Television watching is harmful to eyes.

10) Question :
Who is the best salesman in the company ?
Statements :
(I) Rohit sold maximum number of air conditioners this year.
(II) The company made highest profits this year.

11) Question :
Is cigaratte smoking injurious to health ?
Statements :
(I) Non smokers have a longer span of life.
(II) The incidence of heart - attacks is higher among the smokers.

12) Question :
How many rooms does your house have ?
Statements :
(I) The number of the rooms is the same as in your house.
(II) The number is sufficient to accommodate members of your family.

13) Question :
Does intelligence predict the child's ability to learn ?
Statements :
(I) Intelligence is unaffected by bad teaching or dull home environment.
(II) Children from poor home backgrounds do not do well in their schools.

14) Question :
Do habits make a man's life rigid ?
Statements :
(I) It is out of habit that people envy others.
(II) Men become slaves of habit.

15) Question :
Can democratic system operate without effective opposition ?
Statement :
(I) The opposition is indispensable.
(II) One learns more from one's opponents than from one's supporters.

16) Question :
Are women more emotional ?
Statements :
(I) Women believe that men's way of thinking cannot help them to solve their problems.
(II) The realities confronted by the women are entirely different from those confronted by the men.

17) Question :
Has decline in infant mortality rate increased life span ?
Statements :
(I) The average life span of tribals is 85 years.
(II) Women outlive men in younger age group.

18) Question :
What will be the cost of putting a fence around a field ?
Statements :
(I) The field is 20 m by 30 m in size.
(II) The cost of wire is Rs.25 per kg.

19) Question :
How old is Nehra ?
Statements :
(I) Her parents got married 7 years ago.
(II) The first child was born in the family 5 years ago.

20) Question :
Will john get into Engineering college ?
Statements :
(I) He has scored 98 % marks in senior secondary examination.
(II) He is first on the merit rank of the college.

21) Question :
What will be the percent profit of the wholesaler?
Statements :
(I) He has sold all the goods at a margin of 20 %.
(II) His expenses account for almost 4 % of sales volume.

22) Question :
How many persons were there in the plane ?
Statements :
(I) There were 250 refreshment packets in the plane pantry.
(II) Not everyone took refreshment.

23) Question :
What is the area of Rhombus ?
Statements :
(I) Its perimeter is 80 cm.
(II) Its diagonal is 24 cm.

24) Question :
Which one is better option ?
Statements :
(I) Stock at 15 % for Rs. 90.
(II) Fixed deposits at 12.5%.

25) Question :
How many solid balls can be made out of a metallic rod weighing 20 Kg ?
Statements :
(I) Each ball will have a radius of 4 mm.
(II) The rod is 80 cm long.

26) Question :
What will be the annual installment for repaying a loan in three years?
Statements :
(I) The total amount of loan is Rs. 3000 at 10% simple interest.
(II) The annual installments have to be equal.

27) Question :
What will be the percentile score of a candidate?
Statements :
(I) He has scored 98% marks in examination.
(II) Total number of marks is 500.

28) Question :
How much will you have to pay for the shirt ?
Statements :
(I) The tag price of the shirt is Rs.300.
(II) There are two successive discounts of 10% and 12% on the tag price.

29) Question :
How many children Mr. Kaul has ?
Statements :
(I) Two of his sons are studying engineering.
(II) His three daughters are abroad.

30) Question :
What are the present ages of the father and the son ?
Statements :
(I) The sum of their ages 10 years ago was 84.
(II) The father was 24 years old when the son was born.

31) Question :
What is the radius of a circle made out of a square of wire?
Statements :
(I) The square has perimeter of 484 cm.
(II) The wire is 1 mm thick.

32) Question :
How far has Gopal gone?
Statements :
(I) He started at 8 A.M.
(II) He walks at 12 Km/hr.

33) Question :
What is the area of the lawn ?
Statements :
(I) The total plot is 250 sqm.
(II) The construction is on 73% of the plot.

34) Question :
What is the value of X ?
Statements :
(I) X is two digit number.
(II) X is two times the sum of its digits minus 5.

35) Question :
If Y and Z are whole numbers greater than zero what is the value of Y.
Statements :
(I) Y + Z = 2.
(II) Y - Z = 4.

36) Question :
What is the value of a + b + c ?
Statements :
(I) abc = 0
(II) a + b = 4