Practice Test

1) The ability to .... the feelings, emotions and problems conveyed by the opposite party is an important aspect of Interpersonal skills.

2) It is often surprising that the candidates who have academic excellence do not necessarily ... top positions in companies due to lack of interpersonal skills.

3) Technologically advanced methods of communication such as Email, audio and video conferencing require at least ..... interpersonal communication skills.

4) All of us have our own needs to fulfill. The ability to .... to the needs of others without completely sacrificing our own is an important aspect of interpersonal communication skills.

5) A successful leader has (i) .... intercommunication skills; he is able to (ii) .... his colleagues and juniors to his way of thinking without ruffling their feathers

6) In the metros especially in Delhi which is called a mini India people from diverse cultures and social backgrounds work together as a team adding their own ...., insights, perspectives and skills to the .... whole.

7) In the modern world of Information technology, where computers play a very important part, interpersonal skills are useful not only in face to face communication but can also be put to good use in the ... world.

8) A leader has the ability to ... others through qualities such as a good personality expertise, command of languages, and the creation of mutual respect; all of which require strong interpersonal skills.

9) Interpersonal skills include the ability to .... the emotions, motivations, and behaviors of oneself and others during social interactions

10) Those who have interpersonal skills are able to manage their behavior during social interactions and ... their goals to the goals of others while working as a team.

11) They are able to empathize and are .... to the needs of others and to the forces that mould the way that others feel and behave.

12) They manage conflict effectively by devising win-win solutions, constructively influencing the behavior of others, and using effectively communication ...

13) Many have wondered how it happens that persons with high IQs don't always get the top jobs; the answer often lies in ..... skills.

14) Modern teamwork often brings together individuals from diverse groups who may not share common norms, values, or salaries but who do offer .... expertise, insights, and perspectives.

15) E-mail, voice mail, audio conferencing and videoconferencing, and the .... other technologies that enable individuals to communicate with each other not only increase the ways in which individuals can interact but also require a heightened sensitivity to the innuendos of interpersonal interactions.

16) This idea is particularly true in the worlds of virtual learning and virtual ...., where one cannot yet use hand gestures, facial expressions, or body language to fully express ideas.

17) The challenge is to perfect interpersonal skills not only in .... interactions but in virtual interactions as well.

18) Wadekar submitted his resignation because

19) If you were Wadekar what would you have done ?

20) According to you what was wrong with Wadekar's attitude ?

21) Why do you think Rakesh reported the matter to the commissioner

22) The two become sworn enemies when

23) What would you have done had you been in Sameer's place ?

24) Do you think Rakesh did the right thing by complaining to the commissioner ?
What would you have done ?

25) Do you think she did the right thing by going on a long leave ? Why ?

26) What would you have done had you been in her place ?

27) Kunjan resigned from the IPS in protest. Why ?

28) Her chances of becoming the police commissioner was very bright because

29) Do you think Kunjan reacted rightly ? Why ?

30) Rajat's superiors were impressed with

31) His promotion as a manager was conditional because

32) The villagers loved Rajat because

33) The farmers in the village were worried because

34) Why do you think the farmer's sougth Rajat's help ?

35) Rajat sought permission from the head office to

36) Rajat decided to take matters into his own hands because

37) His seniors at the bank were so angry that they

38) Had you been in Rajat's shoes what world you have done ?

On a particularly difficult day, you are the only officer available to deal with the public you would

If you get angry due to inforeseen circumstances at the workplace, you would

If you are an officer in the civil services and find that one of your juniors is not working properly you would

If from the underworld someone wins up with a request for revealing government secrets in exchange for an undisclosed very lucrative reward you would

Two of your closer colleagues are having strained relations how will you handle the situation ?

44) According to you, why Leela, complained about Saritha ?

45) Leela's concern about Saritha is because of :

46) Saritha's reaction to Sankar's enquiry shows :

47) According to you, the problem with Saritha is :

48) If you were Sankar, what would have done ?

49) Vijesh turned down Anshul proposal for renovation because :

50) Director, Riteshan partially approved Anshul's proposal because :

51) According to you this kind of confrontation can be best described by :

52) Ritesh's negligent behaviour is due to :-

53) Ritesh's writing poetry in office is :-

54) Ritesh's behaviour of neglecting work and writing poems is :-

55) Whose responsibility is it to break this deadlock between Ritesh and Krishnan ?

56) The case deals with ?

57) " A large number of workers didn't come to work or reported late due to heavy downpour & disruption of transport services" - This shows ?

58) Some of the officers also didn't come to work due to rain :-

59) Officers present that day pressed for 'No-Work-No-Pay' because ?

60) The General Manager seems to be :-

61) Legalist approach of one of the unions is reflective of ?

There was much ruckus created before the hosting of the common wealth games about the poor conditions in the games village. The Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit was the main target of criticism. Had you been in her place how you have reacted to the whole situation.

63) CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER. The government has banned the use of polythene bags but these bags are still being used rampantly. As an animal rights activist you are getting increasingly concerned with the death of cows due to consumption of plastic bags. How will you get people to follow the law ?

64) The CBSE grading system is not going down very well with parents, teachers and even a section of the students. This is brought to the notice of the CBSE chairman during a conference of the chair persons from different states. He is quite disturbed and decides to do something about it. What do you think would be the best course of action ?

65) CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER Recently there was a shocking incident about a sessions judge demanding dowry in his own marriage. The dowry System should be completely eradicated. it is quite clear that only making laws will not do. If you were in the judge's shoes how would you help to get rid of this poisonous system ?

66) CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER. Stories of adulterated foodstuff are unfortunately quite. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why the number of people falling sick is increasing day by day. As food Inspector of your area what major steps would you take to bring this problem under control ?

67) If your best friend and batch mate wants to borrow a certain sum of money from you, say Rs. 50,000

68) The Jessica Lall murder case has once again caught the attention of the public since a film is being made on the same. Had you been a member of the victim's family, would have allowed such a film to be made ? Why or why not ?

69) You had gone to visit Amritsar and happened to attend the function at the much talked about Wagah border. Due to strict security regulation you got separated from your spouse. How would you handle such a situation ?

70) The day before the interview for the civil service is to take place a neighbour who is an IAS officer tells you that it is extremely difficult to get through. You

71) What are your work habits like ? You

72) You are holding a high position in the state government. A junior officer has the temerity to point out a few silly mistakes made by you while implementing a particular project

73) Your arch-rival during your college days has met with an accident. You come to know of this from a common friend. Your immediate reaction is

74) Your immediate boss takes all the credit for an important project on which you had spent sleepless nights you decide to

75) Which would be the most important factor which will help you to decide whether to take up a job for which you have been selected ?

76) Ragging has been banned in colleges still one comes across instances of ragging especially in Engineering colleges. As Education Minister what steps would you take to put a complete end to this practice

77) The newly constructed Metro Railway services are beginning to report technical snags almost everyday. If you were in charge of the Metro Railway Corporation what steps would you take to put a stop to these persistent problems

78) The U.S. President Obama visited India in 2010. one his main purposes were to create more jobs for his countrymen. The Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh clearly stated that Indians were not trying to steal U.S. jobs. If you were the US President what steps would you take to root out the problem of rising unemployment in your country.

79) One is constantly hearing of passwords being lacked on the internet. Suppose that you are the manager of a famous bank. And your site has been hacked. What immediate steps would you take ?

80) Do you think that one should change his job often and face new situations ?

81) What will you do if you find an aged person who has lost his road orientation ?

82) You are suffering from diabetes. When you see a whole lot of chocolates, you are tempted to eat them. But you also realise that they are not good for you in the long run. What do you do ?

83) You have worked hard on an idea which you believe would be a breakthrough. But the presentation does not go as you had hoped it would. You

84) Your colleague is not performing his duties up to the mark. You will

85) The Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar bomb blasts in the capital are targeted which will be hard to forget. Had you been among the survivors in such a bomb blast what would have been your first instinct under such trying conditions ?

86) Your boss has given you some urgent assignment at the last minute. What would you do ?

87) Your bathroom tap is leaking and is very noisy you would

88) You are a social worker. On visiting an orphanage, there is one child who is not ready to let you go away.

89) You are a team leader and you are supposed to hold a convention on HR issue. But your team members are unable to get adequate sponsorship.

90) After your graduation, you are offered a well-paid government job. However, your friend says that you have to bribe to get the appointment order. You

91) The Haryana Chief Minister Hooda had a shoe hurled at him for the second time in four months. Many of our leaders have had to pass through this experience of having shoes hurled at them. If you had been in their place how would you have reacted to such harassment ?

92) It has already been predicted that the world will be destroyed in 2012. Experts have now come up with some scientific evidence to boot. The luminousily of the Northern Lights will increase and mobile phones, National grids and global positioning systems will trip. As chairman of the ISRO you are highly disturbed and resolve to

93) Human brain stem cells can be grown in rats. There is hope for patients of epilepsy and Parkinson's disease; on hearing this news as head of the neuroscience department of AIMS you resolve to

94) When you pass by a dead body, you

95) When communicating information on an important company policy change, what sort of medium would you choose ?

96) An angry customer wants to meet the senior manager for grievance reporting. What will you do ?

97) You

98) Friendship to you is

99) Oprah Winfrey has been adjudged as the most charitable celebrity. If you were in Oprah's place what precautions would you take to ensure that all the money was spent for the targeted causes ?

100) Bill Gates is known the world over for having changed people's lives with technology. Almost everyone knows that Gates was a class IX drop out. Have you been in Gates place at that particular point time how would you have reacted ?

101) The use of perfume, hour spray, deodorants and other cosmetics can damage the ozone layer. Under such conditions what would you do ?

102) The headlines say Sun Pharma eyes $ 300 million acquisition in U.S. Suppose you are the head of the Sun Pharma you would

103) The Logistic Industry is having excellent growth prospect. So from Reliance to Cafe Coffie day, India is queuing up for a share of the logistic pie. If you be the Managing Director of Reliance how would you react to this news ?

104) Saina Nehwal becomes world role in badminton rankings after beating China. If you were Saina -

105) Your college has organised a blood donation camp. You

106) You are in a new place and you want to go shopping. What is the most likely thing that you would do ?

107) You have a pharmaceutical company. You have received information that someone who is not an employee has tampered with a certain types of tablets in a specific area, which has caused some deaths in that area. In this type of crisis, what will you do ?

108) After having committed to your family that you would be taking them out on a vacation, you suddenly find yourself wanted in a board meeting which unfortunately clashes with the vacation. What would you do ?

109) You are getting late for your college and no bus is available. In such a situation

110) Soon diabetics will be able to make their insulin. This is the magic stem cell technology. As a diabetologist what do you think will happen when diabetics start their own insulin ?

111) Grandparents are getting young at heart too. More and more grandparents are moving out of their children's homes and spending a happy post-retirement life. If you are such a grandparent yourself, what will be your take on the subject ?

112) R. K. Srivastava, Secretary in charge of SC / ST / OBC and minority welfare was arrested to ensure his presence at a hearing. As R.K. Srivastava what is your opinion on the matter ?

113) According to the Centre for Science and Environmental studies the mix of ozone, Carbonmonoxide and Nitrogen Oxides in the atmosphere is pushing up pollution levels in the capital. As minister for environment what steps are you going to take to control this?

114) There are lots of stray dogs in the capital. The monkey menace too is assuming huge proportions. As chairman of the MCD how will you help people?

115) The proposed Diesel hike on Dec 22 2010 will once again spend prices spiraling. What suggestions do you have to give the homemaker who is fed up with rising inflation ?

116) You go for a date with your friend and he/she comments on your not looking good. You

117) The front office in the organisation you work for has a very uncomfortable physical set-up to work in. You will

118) There has been a recent death in your family, and you are still grieving. However, your quarterly appraisal is round the corner, and for this you have to catch up with a lot of work. What would you do ?

119) You are a sincere and dedicated manage in a reputed five-star hotel. You have been appointed as the Chief Manager of the Guwahati branch which needs to be developed. Your salary has ben hiked.

120) Your new boss's Wife / husband offers you a cigarette knowing fully well that you are trying to quit smoking. What do you do ?

121) You are in the middle of an important dinner party, when the waiter spills steaming hot soup all over the boss' lap. How would you cope ?

122) You have a new boss. You

123) Suppose your friend visits your home on his way to office. You

124) You are a guest at a dinner. The host asks you to take one more chapati after your stomach is full. You would

125) You are in the parking area of a shopping complex. And, suddenly the electricity fails and there is total darkness. You will

126) You have received a gift early, which your aunt wants you to open on your birthday, which is two weeks away. You

127) You are a manager of a company and an employee does not turn up for work because his son was ill. You will

128) You are a member of the sports team of your college. One day due to some misunderstanding, other members stop talking to you. You

129) You are desperately waiting for someone at home. You

130) If wrongly accused of something, you would

131) A product launched by the company is having initial hiccups and complains. You will

132) The Chinese PM Wen Jiabao is visiting India. Indo-Chinese ties are fragile. If you are the Indian PM what will you do to improve the ties.

133) Crimes against women are increasing in the capital. Women here feel very unsafe. As Commissioner of police what steps will you take to control this menace ?

134) Intel the computer global giant wants to provide affordable PC's to the masses. After the disaster of the Nano it comes as a great surprise. What steps will you take as a CEO of Intel to make sure that it succeeds.

135) The impasse in the Lok Sabha is expected to continue even after the Christmas vacation.As speaker how will you resolve this dilemma ?

136) You start to work on a project

137) When you eat a meal with others. You would

138) When you find that something you have bought is defective. You would

139) In being thrown by chance with a stranger

140) If someone asks you to take part in many social activities. You would

141) If you hold an opinion that is radically different than that expressed by a lecturer. You would

142) If you find the price at any retail shop is too much yet you want to buy that product. You would

143) If you have dead line to submit an assignment in the morning. Then

144) If some of your friends are around and see what you are reading. You would

145) If somebody offered you to be a host or hostess for parties at club.You would

146) If somebody offered you to address a crowd or audience ? Then

147) At the scene of an accident

148) On any hectic day. How would you react to others ?

149) While traveling by a bus you find it's difficult to get ticket because of rush and suddenly there is a surprise check for without ticket travelers.

150) When you are served stale or inferior food in a restaurant

151) While driving your bike you find a dog is chasing furiously at small child

152) You usually keep cheerful in spite of trouble, because

153) If you find one boy in your class is creating nuisance everyday, you would

154) While walking on a lonely road if some hooligans threaten you with weapons and for money. You would

155) Shabnam Ramaswamy has actually set up a school called Jagriti for reforming criminals at Katna. Her story is a sad tale of wife battering and indescribable courage. Had you been Shabnam Ramaswamy what would you have done if you had been surrounded by a group of bandits on your way to the school.

156) Your superior has asked you to give a presentation on a topic within two days. Somehow you manage to finish it. However, during actual presentation your superior is disappointed and rebukes you for the work done.What will be your reaction?

157) You are working on a project report that needs to be completed and submitted on same day. Suddenly, there is disturbance in the office and everybody start running. What will you do ?

158) You and Gopal have been friends since childhood. You both share events in your lives with each other. However you have observed that Gopal has started avoiding you and does not accept your mobile calls also. He is not even telling you his problem is. What will you do ?

159) You own a factory. One day there is noise in the factory and you are told that an iron rod has fallen on two workers. They are badly injured and are bleeding. Everybody is shouting in panic. What should you do ?

160) On your birthday your friends have asked you to treat them. You take them a restaurant. Once the bill arrives, you realise that you have left behind your wallet. What will you do ?

161) You are working on a project with a deadline. You have delegated specific work to every team members. You are informed about the sudden demise of the father of a team member. You have been entrusted with the responsibility of breaking the news to him. What will you do ?

162) You are working in a company where you observe that the employees are working to below their potential. They waste, time and are bored with their monotonous jobs. You have an idea to improve a productivity of the employees but your superiors have a low opinion of you. They are most likely to reject your idea. What will you do ?

163) You are in an organisation required to communicate and interact daily with your subordinates and your peers. You report weekly to the management. Therefore, communication becomes an essential part of your work. How, should you communicate at the workplace ?

164) You have been shifted to a department as an officer with 50 employees. You observe that most employees come late to work. How would you communicate the need to come on time ?

165) You have been employed in the service sector for the last two years. You have been reassigned to look into, marketing. After analysis, you find that the quality of customer service is low. How would you convey your employees the need for improvement ?

166) You and your colleague have gone for an investigation. While leaving the scene, you notice that one of the staff has picked up an article from the house and keep it into his pocket. You

167) You have to go for some important work and find that your colleague has taken your official vehicle away. You

168) A senior citizen has been making rounds of your office for getting his pension documents cleared. You have noticed him for over a week but the staff is not clearing his file as certain documents are missing. The elderly man gets angry after making so many rounds and shouts. You...

169) You are as the head of the your department. You have supervisory, and you are willing to work efficiently. You have always been anxious about your effective supervision abilities. Which of the following do you think is needed for effective supervision ?

170) You are an officer and your superior orders the staff not to do any work for any department other than their own. He also tells you to avoid people outside your department. The superior officer is

171) You are a director and are addressing the departments under your control on communication skills. You think that this is the mantra for efficient working and productive performance. Therefore, you issue guidelines to the staff. Which of the following is not a correct guideline ?

172) You are the department head and want to streamline communication in your department. You have various options that are essential in creating effective formal communication. Which of the following will ensure effective formal communication ?

173) You are an expert on Tax but is working in a small organisation. you get an officer from a big public sector undertaking to look after its Tax matter's pending in various departments. What you would do ?

174) You are working in a crucial project under strict monitoring and personal supervision of your boss. Due to some personal work you want to go leave for a few days. You would ?

175) You are the IT expert in a consultancy but the work assigned to you is Human Resources an area in which you have limited knowledge.

176) You can extremely punctual and always reach office on time. However, one day your vehicle breaks down, you get late and get caught with the late comers.

177) You are going with a delegation of CEOs from India. Leader of the delegation directs you to lead in a meeting in which seniors will also be present.

178) Your senior is on leave due to his daughter's wedding and you have been assigned to do routine work in your branch by zonal manager ?

179) After a long and successful period in your branch, your boss has been promoted to the Board and has got transferred to Delhi. A new boss takes charge in your branch.

180) Apart from being a works supervisor, you have the additional task of being a channel between the boss and employees to improve coordination. What would your strategy be ?

181) You are an investment banker in an organization that follows strict gender policy and has an equal number of male-female employees. What will be your attitude towards female coworkers ?

182) In a factory a machine has to be repaired for increasing output. Foreign engineers are hired for the task but, are not able to complete the project. A skilled labourer gives a suggestion for enhancing the machine's performance. The company engineer agrees and raise the performance of the machine.

183) During perk time excessive work load is credited in your organisation. How will you deal with excessive work load ?

184) You have been given a precise timeline within which you have to finish the work assigned to you. You will

185) You have been given an assignment by the Head of the Department in a different area about which you have no knowledge. What would you do ?

186) You have been assigned a target but you have not been given appropriate resources. There is lack of finances, manpower and government cooperation. What do you do in such a situation ?

187) In a government job related to financial matters, you will be

188) You are taking a morning walk when a dog jumped on you and bites you. What will you do in such a case ?

189) Which would describe a good employee most appropriately ?

190) A good offier must have

191) A good employee should be one who :

192) An officer has been assigned a target for completion of his work. What should he do to complete it on time ?

193) How should an immediate boss behave with his subordinates ?

194) What is appropriate behaviour of a Controlling Officer towards a new employee ?

195) What should be merits of a Head of Department. He should have :

196) You are the Senior Production Manager of a Steel firm and have won the bid to supply steel for railway bridges across river Ganga. You have been as to ensure maximum production in the next eight months. You would

197) You are a senior advisor to a real estate company. You have to give your opinion on short listing an organisation to collaborate with your company for developing the athletes' village for the National Games. Which of the following will you shoot list ?

198) On Saturday, you are at home as you have taken leave to finish personal commitements and want to complete them so that you can go back to your official duties. An acquaintance, visits you and he is in a relaxed and gossiping mood. How would you react ?

199) Which one number does not belong to the series ?