Practice Test

Q1) The ratio compounded of duplicate ratio of 4:9, the duplicate ratio of 3:4,the triplicate ratio of 2:3 and 9:7 is Show Answer

Q2) The ratio compounded of duplicate ratio of 4:5, triplicate ratio of 1:3, sub-duplicate ratio of 81:256 and sub-triplicate of 125:512 is Show Answer

Q3) If the angles of a triangle are in the ratio 2:7:11, then their respective degree measures are Show Answer

Q4) The ratio between the speeds of two trains is 7:8. If the second train runs 400 kms in 5 hours, the speed of the first train is Show Answer

Q5) If x:y=2:3 and y:z=4:3, then x:y:z= Show Answer

Q6) Two numbers are in the ratio 3:4. If 6 be added to each term of the ratio, the new ratio will be 4:5. Then the given numbers are Show Answer

Q7) The numbers 14, 16, 35,42 are not in proportion. The fourth term for which they will be in proportion is Show Answer

Q8) If 12, 16,*, 20 are in proportion, then * is Show Answer

Q9) The ratio of two quantities is 4:5. If the antecedent is 20, then the consequent is Show Answer

Q10) The ratio of two quantities is is 5:6. If the consequent is 180, then the antecedent is Show Answer

Q11) The ratio of two quantities is 3:4. If the antecedent of its inverse ratio is 100, then the consequent is Show Answer

Q12) The ratio of two quantities is 9:11. If the consequent of its inverse ratio is 54, then its antecedent is Show Answer

Q13) The ratio compounded of a:b, x:y and p:q is Show Answer

Q14) The sub-duplicate ratio compounded of 2:3, the duplicate ratio of 4:5 and the triplicate ratio of 3:2 is the duplicate ratio of Show Answer

Q15) If 5m-n=m+2n, then:(4m+n):(4m-n)= Show Answer

Q16) Present ages of Rachel and Ross are in the ratio 7:12. If two years ago their ages were in the ratio 3:8, then their present ages are respectively. Show Answer

Q17) Monica's total score in three subjects mathematics, statistics and accounts is 257 marks.Her marks in mathematics and statistics are in the ratio 7:8, and marks in mathematics and accounts are in the ratio 12:11. Then her marks in mathematics, statistics and accounts are respectively. Show Answer

Q18) If 19-x, 26-x, 35-x and 50-x are in proportion, then: x= Show Answer

Q19) Which one of the following is true ? Show Answer

Q20) If a > b > 0, then Show Answer